Elnevezés Tartomány Terület
Első Aldmeri Domínium.png
College of Aldmeri Propriety Summurset Isle Auridon
Dawnbreak Summurset Isle Auridon
Greenwater Cove Summurset Isle Auridon
Mathiisen Summurset Isle Auridon
Phaer Summurset Isle Auridon
Shattered Grove Summurset Isle Auridon
Silsailen Summurset Isle Auridon
Karthdar Valenwood Grahtwood
Redfur Trading Post Valenwood Grahtwood
Dread Vullain Valenwood Greenshade
Spinner's Cottage Valenwood Greenshade
Bloodtoil Valley Valenwood Malabal Tor
Tanglehaven Valenwood Malabal Tor
Velyn Harbor Valenwood Malabal Tor
Vulkwasten Valenwood Malabal Tor
Pa'alat Valenwood/Elsweyr Reaper's March
S'ren-ja Valenwood/Elsweyr Reaper's March
Vinedusk Village Valenwood/Elsweyr Reaper's March
Willowgrove Valenwood/Elsweyr Reaper's March
Daggerfall Egyezségokmánya.png
Saintsport Hammerfell Stros M'Kai
Aldcroft High Rock Glenumbra
Crosswych High Rock Glenumbra
Eagle's Brook High Rock Glenumbra
Westtry High Rock Glenumbra
Fell's Run High Rock Rivenspire
Hoarfrost Downs High Rock Rivenspire
Moira's Hope High Rock Rivenspire
Koeglin Village High Rock Stormhaven
Shinji's Scarp High Rock Stormhaven
Wind Keep High Rock Stormhaven
Kerbol's Hollow High Rock/Hammerfell Bangkorai
Murcien's Hamlet High Rock/Hammerfell Bangkorai
Leki's Blade Hammerfell Alik'r
Ebonheart Egyezmény.png
Bleakrock Village Skyrim Bleakrock Isle
Dhalmora Morrowind Bal Foyen
Lukiul Uxith Morrowind Stonefalls
Senie Morrowind Stonefalls
Muth Gnaar Morrowind Deshaan
Narsis Morrowind Deshaan
Selfora Morrowind Deshaan
Silent Mire Morrowind Deshaan
Forsaken Hamlet Black Marsh Shadowfen
Stillrise Village Black Marsh Shadowfen
Cragwallow Skyrim Eastmarch
Lower Yorgrim Skyrim Eastmarch
Voljar's Meadery Skyrim Eastmarch
Wittestadr Skyrim Eastmarch
Darkwater Crossing Skyrim Eastmarch
Ivarstead Skyrim Rift
Geirmund's Hall Skyrim Rift
Shor's Stone Skyrim Rift
Abbey of the Eight Cyrodiil
Chorrol Cyrodiil
Cropsford Cyrodiil
Hackdirt Cyrodiil
Temple of the Ancestor Moths Cyrodiil
Vlastarus Cyrodiil
Weye Cyrodiil
Weynon Priory Cyrodiil
Haj Uxith Coldharbour
The Everfull Flagon Coldharbour
Dragonstar Hammerfell Craglorn
Belkarth Hammerfell Craglorn

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